Security scanning of websites

Security scanning of websites

Protect your websites from hackers with Gigahost by subscribing to our weekly security scans for £1 per month.

Deep Inspection

The scans are very thorough, since we are able to scan all the files on your account, rather than just scanning the web site as it is seen publicly. In addition, our systems also watch public lists of recently attacked web sites to see if any sites on your account have been mentioned there.

Extensive database

We use our comprehensive database of known malware files to scan all of your websites. The malware database is based on multiple sources, including the various malware samples we have collected ourselves over the course of many years.

Be in the loop

In case any malicious files are detected, you'll be notified by email. This email will contain a list of the suspicious files and a warning if your web site was found in public lists of attacked websites.

Security scanning can be added to your existing hosting account from within the Control Center.