Control the DNS for all of your domains

Control the DNS for all of your domains

Free DNS hosting is included with all Gigahost accounts – even if you have not purchased hosting.

What is DNS?

When you type in in your browser this is automatically converted to a series of numbers called an IP address. The system that facilitates this translation is called Domain Names System (DNS) and is an essential part of the internet.

Point your domain names

At Gigahost we offer a DNS module free of charge when you purchase either hosting or domains with us. Normally you won't need to setup anything. However, for the more advanced users this means that it is very easy to configure your domains any way you want. This means that if for example you have a server at home pointing your domain at this is easily achieved via our DNS module.

Free DNS for everyone

Everyone is welcome to use Gigahost's free DNS service, even without paying for hosting service.