Secure Your Site Automatically with Free SSL

Secure Your Site Automatically with Free SSL

Now, SSL security comes standard with your hosting. Enjoy comprehensive SSL coverage at no additional cost, complete with certificate setup, SSL hosting, and seamless integration for all your domains. With automatic provisioning of free certificates from Let's Encrypt and ZeroSSL, your website will always have the padlock symbol in browsers, assuring your visitors of its security.

Automatic SSL for Every Website

Every domain added to the control center is instantly secured with SSL. This means visitors will always see a secure HTTPS connection and the reassuring padlock icon in their browser window. There's no need for manual renewals or configurations—everything is automated to provide a secure, encrypted connection for your site's visitors, making their browsing experience safe, especially on public WiFi networks.

Instant Setup, Zero Hassle

Activating SSL on your website couldn't be easier. Forget about the cumbersome process of requesting certificates, installing keys, or configuring IP addresses. Free SSL certificates are applied automatically to every domain, ensuring your site is secure in minutes, with no effort from you.

HTTPS as the New Standard

With SSL enabled by default, your site benefits from enhanced security and SEO advantages from the get-go. For those who prefer, there's an option to enforce HTTPS, ensuring every visitor uses a secure connection, reinforcing trust and safeguarding data.

Beyond the Basics: Paid SSL Options

While free SSL covers most needs, options for Sectigo certificates and OV/EV levels of verification are available. These paid SSL options include a dedicated IP address and are ideal for those seeking specific certifications or added layers of trust and identity verification.

Effortless Security and Trust

Upgrade your site's trustworthiness effortlessly. SSL certificates not only secure connections but also verify your site's legitimacy to visitors. With automatic SSL, your site gains instant credibility, reassuring visitors of its security with every visit.

Embrace the Future of Web Security

Embrace a new era of web security where SSL is automatic and free for all. Secure hosting has never been this easy or accessible, ensuring your site is always up to the latest security standards without lifting a finger.