Super-Friendly E-mail

Super-Friendly E-mail

Create e-mail addresses for all of your family, friends, and collegues at no extra charge. Each address can be an individual IMAP/POP3 account with its own password, or it can forward mail to another address.

Space for all of your email

There is no special limit on how many e-mails you can store; as long as you do not exceed the general storage limit of 44.9 GB.

Secure Connections

Connect using SSL or TLS to enjoy increased security. You can use any of the POP3 or IMAP protocols, using secure connections or not.

Modern web mail

Access your email from anywhere without installing a mail program using our intuitive and fast webmail. Based on the RoundCube open-source project, our web-based email is a breeze to use. Change your account settings, such as the e-mail password, directly from the webmail.

Enjoying some time off? No problem!

If you are out of the office or away from home, let everyone know! Set up an automatic response with the text of your choice, directly from the Control Centre.

Catch it all

Since you have a domain, why not take control of all email sent to the domain? Create a “catch-all” address which receives mail sent to any address on the domain (useful for creating temporary disposable addresses).

SMTP access included

Use the included SMTP service to securely send email, using industry-standard TLS encryption to secure the transmission. No longer depend on your ISP's SMTP server.